Anxiety Rant and Moving FAQs

Since the news that I’m moving to Illinois has been released, I have received nothing but support and exuberation from my friends and family.  A few weeks ago I found out that my move date has been pushed to the end of February which really helped lessen the stress to sell everything, determine how I’m moving and what I’m taking immediately while celebrating two major holidays and two family birthdays. However, now with one holiday down and one birthday celebrated, my anxiety to switch jobs is in full effect.  This coming week is when I start the process of moving all my clients, some of which I’ve managed since 2010 and physically move my work space to a new team’s space.
Aside from the stress, I want to take the time to answer the frequently asked questions I’ve received since the public announcement:

1. Are you excited? yes

2. Do you know anyone in Chicago? no

3. Do you have a place to live yet? no, however I do know the area I want to live since I visited two weekends ago and saw 15 places in 1.5 days.

4. Are you going to live downtown? no, my workplace is on the north shore town of Lake Forest. I’m going to live close to work but easy to access the city using public transportation.

5. Are you taking Coil?  Absolutely!

6. Are you shipping your car? no, my plan is to drive to Illinois but my Mom is not too keen on the idea
so…I’m considering other options.

7. Do you know how you’re moving your stuff? no. It’s complicated because I want to take my car.  If I tow my car, I would need to use a trailer that lifts all four tires are off the ground. Rental companies require a really big rental truck, 16 ft, to tow the trailer but that’s way too much truck for me since I’m not taking my furniture with me.  I could tow a cargo trailer behind my car but the WRX can only tow 2000 lbs. That equates to about 200 cu ft cargo trailer through Uhaul. Worth it?  idk yet.

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  1. Gail Menasco says:

    Road triiiipppp!!!! Go through cali and over to miss the snow 🙂

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