Month: February 2014

Eastward Ho! Road Trip to Chicago from Oregon

I wanted to wait to write about my long road trip to really reflect on the experience and convey something meaningful.  Daily updates were posted to my friends and family via Facebook even though many requests were made to blog about the experience.  A couple years ago I took a professional communication assessment that helped […]

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Move to Chicago from Bend Oregon

All the stuff is figured out.  All the items are decided.  All the things are packed.. About a week ago, I loaded up a u-box provided by U-haul with all the items I wanted to bring with me to Chicago.  The entire 5x8x7.5 space was more or less filled!  Almost immediately I felt a weight […]

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Reflection is an amazing teacher.  I’ve allowed myself to reflect more in the last year than I have in all my prior years.  I don’t know why but I feel like my eyes are more open and present to the world around me.  I have had the chance to hear what people tell me, make […]

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