Move to Chicago from Bend Oregon

All the stuff is figured out.  All the items are decided.  All the things are packed..

About a week ago, I loaded up a u-box provided by U-haul with all the items I wanted to bring with me to Chicago.  The entire 5x8x7.5 space was more or less filled!  Almost immediately I felt a weight of stress lifted from my shoulders knowing that the big decisions had been made; I found a place to live and decided what was going with me.  I felt great knowing that all my belongings were on their way to my final decisions set to arrive near the same time my apartment will be ready.

The greatest part of the u-box service were the packing/moving help that was included with the delivery!


Downsized to only 5x8x7.5′ of space.  One bedroom apartment here I come!

A few days following the u-box delivery, I called a local charity who will come to your house to pick up large donations. After only a few mis-attempts to meet the organization at my house, two very nice gentlemen arrived and loaded up a huge truck full to the brim of donation items.  Basically, 3/4ths of my belongings went to the charity and 1/4th went to Chicago!

Yeah, that truck is full. I should have done this years ago!

It’s such a cathartic feeling to remove materials from your life.  Making space in your life helps make space in your mind, in my opinion.  I’ve spent far too long acquiring and possessing things that I don’t need or use or want or like or….you get the point.  I’m ready to start really using the things I have or making the decision to remove them from my life.

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